What do I get out of Dominating people...

I sometimes participate in writing on various platforms, such as Quora, Medium and others. One of the questions I answered on Quora is: "As a sadist/Top what emotions do you derive from interacting with a bottom/partner?"

My answer is going to involve emotions and benefits which I have experienced. Noting that you get out of something what you put into it. I acknowledge and approach professional bdsm as a therapeutic modality.



Stress relief.

It is calming and exciting.



If I have facilitated a scenario ‘successfully’ (I could write an essay on what this means) I feel fulfilled- it is a much more involved process than some likely assume, and there’s a challenge when you don’t know a person well, to hit your mark (It’s challenging when you do know the person).

It is a creative process, it is erotic creativity.

It is a meditation.

I am doing a scenario WITH someone not AT someone. On this platform it is personal and intimate and I enjoy this intimacy. In fact I thrive on the energy.

Lots of good stuff!

It’s too bad that the pro Domme vocation is being flooded and oversaturated with people who just see dollar signs.

There is so much to be gained on behalf of the mind/body/spirit- beyond the money aspect.

I love connecting with people. My entire life my vocations have involved very intimate work with human beings and I truly enjoy it.

I specialize in couple sessions and I get a great deal of satisfaction from this. If I am able to assist a couple in their process of experiencing better communication, greater enjoyment, this makes me very happy.

It is humbling to be allowed access in such a personal way- regarding couples or individuals.

Through what I do- I am constantly learning, evolving, growing, and expanding my awareness and understanding. I learn a great deal from the people who bottom for me.

My vocation as a professional dominant has afforded me an education and insight of human sexuality, behaviors, psychology- that no university ever could have.

Very much including my own.

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