male chastity: Is it safe to wear a chastity device for a month?

Yes. If the device fits properly you should be fine.

Having the right size for your body is important.

Size pertains to both the ‘cage’ as well as the ring the cage is connected to. If too big it’s going to fall off, if too small it’s going to pose a variety of problems.

The cage being too small can be a horrible experience. The ring being too small can cut off circulation which you definitely want to avoid.

Getting a device that is the right size for you can be a challenge. I have inherited many devices due to someone purchasing the wrong size.

There are sellers who makes beautiful custom devices (metal) based on your personal measurements, but it’s not el cheapo. However- if you really get into chastity you could end up spending more going through devices (usually plastic) that don’t fit trying to find one that does. It may be worth it to get a custom made chastity device.

I am a key holder currently and have been so many times.

There are many things to consider for long term chastity.

My position is to approach things upon the healthiest platform with a full understanding of the implications. Short term use, even many months shouldn’t be a problem, but there are always factors which are unique to the individual to consider regarding long term.

The FANTASY is enjoyable. But what is REALISTIC for you? What is the healthiest optimum for YOU?

To each their own.

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