BDSM Chamber
Sissy Training
Denver Dungeon
Dungeon Toys
Medical Room
Goddess Room

I have constantly expanded my 'Fungeon' throughout the years, in order to provide more options for the people who trust me to facilitate for them.


Equipment and implements are my artist's tools. I require a large variety for use with my well lubricated kinky imagination.

My Fungeon is discreet and clean, featuring five themed rooms which are prolifically equipped; including a very unique medical room, feminization room, classroom, Goddess Worship room, and a large BDSM chamber. 

Sessions in this private play space are a multimedia experience. I enjoy combining sound, imagery, and a myriad of psychological and physical sensations.

I am a fetish artist, you are my canvas.

I want to take you to the next level.

Welcome to the Mile High Dungeon!

I want every experience

I facilitate to be 

so enjoyable you cannot wait to return.

Sessions are personal, intimate, learning

experiences, and my studio is my SACRED SPACE.


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