I host my sessions in the Mile High Dungeon, discreetly located in central Denver Colorado very close to downtown. Mile High Dungeon features five themed rooms and is the most magical adult play studio in this region of the United States. You will easily lose yourself in this alternative dimension of reality. With me as your kinky guide, time will all but vanish and we will dive deep into your kinky zone.


Perhaps you have been called to my office for strict discipline because your grades are failing and porn was found in your locker.


Or is it time for your annual medical check up? We may need to prescribe treatment protocol after thorough testing.

Do you fantasize about being my lesbian girlfriend? Going shopping together and dressing up? Do you want to be a brunette? Blonde? Red head?


...Or is it time for you to surrender all control while being immobilized and bound?

A conversation will allow me to begin the process of getting under your skin and into your psyche......

This is about erotic play time- I like to call it 'adult play therapy'.

A momentary escape from the stresses of life.

A reset button.

It can also be about finding out more about who you are, and who you want to create yourself to be.

For a couple or an individual, this can be a mutual adventure involving discovery, exploration, communication, negotiation, awareness and development of healthy boundaries, actualization and more. 


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